VETRINE – Vocational Education & Training towards re-inventing apparel procedures

Тhis Erasmus + project seeks to diminish the environmental impact of apparel production through specifically developed vocational education and training modules. VETRINE provides awareness of the negative environmental footprint of the fashion industry alongside learning modules that will consider the entire production cycle including material choices, design and sewing, energy consumption, distribution and post-consumer habits such as repair and recycling.

The three-year VETRINE project will bring together HEIs, VET schools and labour markets organizations aiming to establish flow of information and cultivate the ground towards implementation of green practices into the apparel industry. More specifically, the project has the following objectives:

  • To identify labour market needs and demands under the spectrum of apparel industry by mapping current state of apparel labour market and the level of responsiveness of VET institutions,
  • To develop and implement new learning prospects to give opportunities to future designers to apply green initiatives during the production of apparel products,
  • To open up towards new learning opportunities through the practical experience and application of entrepreneurial initiatives,
  • To develop a sense of initiative by introducing European concepts around entrepreneurship,
  • To establish collaboration pathways between education & labour market by bringing together VET learners with labour-market actors in order for the former to gain realistic overview of the business world,
  • To lead a new era of exploitation of available ICT resources through the creation and launch of the “FashPass application”,
  • To raise awareness of consumers and stakeholders through webinars and events.

PIRIN-TEX participates as a partner company from the real industry

Find out more about the project at the website, Instagram @vetrine_eu , Facebook and LinkedIN.

Partnership: Eurotraining Educational Organization, Kauno Technologijos Universitetas, Chimar (Hellas) Ae, Centro Tecnologico das Industrias Textil e do Vestuario de Portugal, Associacao Textil e Vestuario de Portugal, Nevrokopska Profesionalna Gimnaziya Dimitar Talev, Pirin-Tex Eood, Centro de Estudios Aeg Arroka Sl, Confederacion de la Industria Textil Asociacion, CEDECS-TCBL, Centre Scientifique & Technique del'industrie Textile Belge Asbl, Novel Group Sarl.

Timeframe September 2023 to March 2026