Our qualified, experienced and dedicated staff are the core of our success. Therefore, we always stick to the principle of eye-level communication and respect for each other in the relations between management and employees. We are proud that we have employees of different origin, qualification, age, ethnic background and religion.

We believe that namely this diversity and established culture of tolerance help us work efficiently and be a united team.

Securing permanent employment, providing employment for people from minorities and disadvantaged groups, offering opportunities for further training, constant improvement of the labour conditions and keeping high standards of work safety are principles that we strictly adhere to.

The company invests significant amounts each year in trainings for its employees in all areas, thus maintaining a permanently high level of the services to its clients.

As an employer it is our priority aim that our employees get appropriate income for their work. Free transportation to the workplace and back home, food vouchers and a remuneration system based on the individual performance, are only few of the incentives we offer to our employees. Moreover, the company provides additional payments that go beyond the statutory requirements. Payments are also made in the event of a birth, marriage, or work anniversary. The company’s social fund supports colleagues in financial need caused by ill-fated events. Thanks to all this, for more than 2 decades PIRIN-TEX has been defined as a preferred employer in its region.

PIRIN-TEX has on numerous occasions been awarded by state institutions and non-profit organizations as an employer with high corporate social responsibility. This acknowledgement has been defended over the years through the company’s effort to contribute for its employees’ well-being and the improvement of the environment in which it operates.

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