The care for environment and the protection of Bulgaria’s beautiful nature are our everyday tasks. Led by this conviction, the company has made significant investments in different sustainability projects over the years.

We have developed an innovative system for energy monitoring of all steam-heated machines.

Thus we contributed for the company’s sustainable development by reducing its primary energy consumption by over 30% and improving considerably its energy efficiency. Besides, we permanently control the consumption of all resources as well as air emissions.

Based on its long experience in the field of energy efficiency PIRIN-TEX also offers professional consulting to other companies from the clothing industry, including elaboration of an Action plan with energy-efficiency measures and preparation of an electricity budget. Moreover, we offer specialized solutions which have already been successfully implemented into our production process.

  • Design and implementation of a web-based platform for monitoring and remote control of all energy efficiency systems in the company
  • Special insulation solutions for pressing machines and installations
  • Installing of special energy efficiency controllers on existing pressing machines, as well as training of staff to work with them


In a specially adapted department we gather, sort, and bale over 95% of our textile, paper and plastic waste, and sell it as raw materials for the recycling industry.

Wastewater treatment plant

In our own treatment plant the waste water from our washing & dyeing department is purified mechanically, chemically and biologically and undergoes constant control against residues.

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