The company is a subsidiary of „Rollmann & Partner Fashion Management“ GmbH – an enterprise with a nearly 100 years of history in garment production.

Started as a small family workshop of the Rollmann family in Germany,

the company gradually expanded its activity to become today one of the largest clothing producers in Europe.

The atmosphere of trust and cooperation between the management and the employees, as well as the excellent communication with the clients, have made the company over the decades into a reliable and preferred partner for the European fashion industry.

Mission and vision

We founded PIRIN-TEX in order to offer our clients an optimal solution for the production of high-quality garments. It begins with the development of products and collections and goes further into the bulk production. To achieve this, we work constantly on improving our employees’ qualification and optimizing the manufacturing and logistics processes, with the aim to guarantee highest quality standards while keeping our lead times as short as possible.

At PIRIN-TEX we value and believe in our employees, clients and partners. Thanks to their trust, correctness and cooperation, we manage to enhance the scope of our operations and continue to create products that are competitive at the global market. For this reason we invest each year in modernization of technologies and improvement of labour conditions.

Our objective is to continuously develop our production and to keep in pace with the newest requirements of the international markets, while at the same time reducing the carbon footprint from our activities. Therefore, we have set ourselves ambitious goals that are embedded in our everyday work:

  • to be garment producer №1 in Europe
  • to be one of the drivers of innovations and technological progress in our sector
  • to turn Industry 4.0 into reality in our production
  • to provide for our young specialists long-term perspectives and good labour conditions
  • to protect the nature, our employees and our clients from any harmful impacts from our activities

Our competences

Our highly qualified employees are our main capital who, in complete dedication and close cooperation with our customers, realize even the hardest tasks in the development of serial production of garments. Engineers in different technical areas together with experienced production technicians and operators assure the high quality and competitiveness of our products. Our purchase, product management and customer service specialists are constantly in close contact with our customers. Thanks to all of them we have developed a broad set of competencies which we offer to our clients according to their individual needs.

Thanks to all of them we have developed a broad set of competencies which we offer to our clients according to their individual needs.
  • Development of prototypes
  • Production of salesman samples
  • Industrialization of collections
    • - Technical specifications
    • - Bills of materials
  • Material purchase and management
  • Flexible production lines
  • Washing & Dyeing
  • Full traceability of the production history of every single piece
  • Made-to-measure production
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